Chiro Clips

Classic Images for the Contemporary Chiropractor

You've probably seen the same chiropractic pictures a million times. But you've never seen them like this! ChiroClips turns the traditional into the terrific! Clean, crisp and remarkably contemporary artwork that's sure to make your message stand out.

Want to see all the images? Check out the ChiroClips Images. Or, click on the collection title to view all the images in that collection.

Not sure that you can use a TIFF file?  Sign up for the "image of the Month" club, receive free images, and  check it out. Not quite sure how to use clip art with your application? You may find your answers in the ChiroClips Technical Documentation. You can read it online as a text file.

Love Those Logos

ChiroClips' Love Those Logos collection has everything you've been looking for in a logo symbol. Simple, sophisticated and striking renditions of traditional chiropractic symbols, ready to use whenever your name appears in print. Or use our symbols as icons in your promotional or educational materials. Our Love Those Logos collection includes: 

  • Eight beautifully designed chiropractic symbols to be used as logos or icons. Each symbol is prepared in five formats to provide a distinctively different look.
  • Type "add-ons." The words Chiropractic, Family and Family Care in horizontal and circular layouts to add to your logo symbol.

Spines and Segments

Bones, bodies, nerves and discs! ChiroClips' Spines and Segments collection offers a variety of textbook-quality anatomical illustrations rendered specifically for the chiropractic profession, including:

  • Full spine illustrations in anterior, posterior and lateral views.
  • Full body outlines in anterior, posterior and lateral views to be used in conjunction with spine illustrations or alone for posture evaluations.
  • Cervical, thoracic and lumbar segments with discs and nerves in posterior and lateral views. Segments can be used individually or combined.
  • Vertebral subluxation showing bulging disc and pinched nerves.

Slices of Life

ChiroClips' Slices of Life collection is just what the doctor ordered to perk up your presentations, add interest to your ads, and enliven your educational materials. Highly stylized and ultimately appealing, the Slices of Life collection gives you a wide variety of images in three categories:

  • Chiropractic - chiropractors and patients in a number of real-life poses.
  • Body Mechanics - movement and motion, everyday actions that can cause stress to the spinal structure
  • Lifestyle - people of all ages, enjoying life and good health (through quality chiropractic care, of course!)

And, because each illustration in the Slices of Life collection is drawn in the same unique style, you'll be able to mix and match images to achieve a completely coordinated look for all of your materials.

By Popular Demand

This collection contains the images that chiropractors worldwide have requested time and time again. This ever-growing portfolio is truly a "work on progress" - so be sure to check back from time to time. Currently, you can choose from:

  • ChiroClips version of the traditional caduceus,
  • Michaelangelo's Creation of Adam (b/w & color),
  • ChiroClips Love Those Logos caduceus in Spanish
    (set of 5),
  • ChiroClips Love Those Logos WeCare/Heart in Spanish (Salud) (set of 5),
  • ChiroClips Love Those Logos type add-ons in Spanish
    (set of 4).


Design Ditties

These light-hearted images are just what the doctor ordered for perking up those computer-generated newsletters, fliers, greeting cards, signs, coloring books and promotional items.

  • A delightful assortment of seasonal and holiday images,
  • A variety of whimsical spine representations,
  • A collection of stylized artists' dummies
  • And lots more!

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