Chiro Clips

The ChiroClips Story

We've only just begun, and people are already asking us how (and why) we started a clip art company for chiropractors. Well, here's the story.... In trying to help a dear friend develop her practice as a chiropractor, we discovered an unexpected stumbling block. Try as we might, we just couldn't find viable chiropractic clip art for the computer! Not one chiropractic caduceus, no logo symbols, no spinal segments, and certainly no subluxations. Oh, there were one or two illustrations of chiropractors doing adjustments, but they looked like something drawn in the '50s.

Here we were, two extremely computer-literate professionals with close to 50 years of combined expertise in computer science, marketing and graphic arts, literally unable to put together a simple ad with illustrations from our desktops, much less design business cards, stationery and brochures. Every chiropractor we knew (and boy, do we know a bunch) owned a personal computer. No one had any clip art. And everyone wanted to find some. It was clearly up to us to do something about it. So we did.

We developed ChiroClips. Computerized clip art created to help chiropractors enhance their practices through marketing and patient education.

ChiroClips is the joint effort of a team of professionals with a commitment to producing a diverse collection of attractive, high quality, and truly functional clip art images for the chiropractic community. As a team, we consider you, our customers, to be partners in our mission. We fully intend to take a personal, open and interactive approach to meeting your ongoing needs.

Looking To The Future ...

We realize it's going to take more than chiropractic clip art and basic graphic designs to get new patients in your door. Today, more than ever, Chiropractors like you are looking for novel ways to get noticed in the marketplace and attract new patients.

To help, ChiroClips has developed a new product line using our contemporary images to provide you an easy solution to Facebook marketing. We're developing similar products for Twitter, Pinterest and other Social Media outlets.

We've started the ChiroClipsClub, for our friends and colleagues to access the most dynamic chiropractic practice marketing ideas, on the net. Not only are we giving away all our original images, we are also providing ideas and inspiration for your marketing and patient education efforts.



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