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Facebook Posts Done For You

By now, you know how important social media is in educating new patients and inspiring current patients to be regular visitors and referrers. Facebook has over a billion users and most of them are on several times a day. How many of them are looking for you?

Here's the thing... To be successful on Facebook you MUST update your Facebook page daily (if not more). Anything is better than nothing… a picture of an office event…a callout to a local business…a comment about holiday hours. Facebook prefers pictures and engagement, though, so be certain to SHARE and LIKE regularly – and request that your followers do, too.

Did your eyes glaze over just thinking about it?

Realistically, who's got the time to find appropriate, quality content then format it so it’s presented beautifully?

And...Timing matters, so if you’re surfing for posts to share at midnight, your target audience may never see your posts anyway.

Do you want to reduce the time you and your staff spend finding appropriate material to post on Facebook? Or, (gasp!) worse yet, you aren't using Facebook to promote your practice!

What if we told you we have a simple, easy and affordable solution?  "Done for You" Fan Page Posts offer inspiring quotes, exclusive ChiroClips images, engaging questions, educational insights.

In less than 30 minutes, you or your staff can schedule 30 weekly FB posts.

(By the way, we also have an option to reduce that to posting daily for NO TIME at all)

Let us help you educate and inspire with a collection of DD Palmer and BJ Palmer quotes, beautifully rendered for your Facebook Fanpage!





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